1. Rodeo Drive

1. Rodeo Drive

Undeniably popular shops and eateries line this luxury lane, joined by palm trees and Bentleys stopped close to the control.

2. Beverly Gardens Park

This 1.9-section of land straight park extends from Wilshire Boulevard to North Doheny Drive, close to Santa Monica Boulevard.

3. Walking Tour of Beverly Hills

A great deal to see in Beverly Hills doesn't need a long walk, and the pathway is the most ideal way to get around.

4. Dining in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is eminent for its food scene, alongside high design and extravagance.

5. Greystone Mansion

The city of Beverly Hills is the proprietor of this rambling 1920s manor on the north side of downtown, open from Sunset Boulevard.

6. Franklin Canyon Park

Franklin Canyon Park covers 600 sections of land on the north side of Beverly Hills, effectively available from Beverly Drive.

7. Wallis Annenberg

7. Wallis Annenberg

Wallis is an elite presentation space in the core of Beverly Hills.

8. Events in Beverly Hills

There's continuously something fun happening in Beverly Hills. The city's occasion schedule runs over time, consistently with lovely climate to appreciate.

9. the Spadena House

9. the Spadena House

This one of a kind and naturally attractive home is on the opposite side of Santa Monica Boulevard from Shopping in the Golden Triangle.

10. Virginia Robinson Gardens

Virginia Robinson Gardens set the bar for the sumptuous Beverly Hills house when it was worked in 1911. It is credited as the city's first extravagance property and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

11. os Angeles and the Greater Los Angeles

Los Angeles and Beverly Hills share a boundary, making Beverly Hills the most lavish city in the Los Angeles metropolitan region.