3 Zodiac Signs That Friends Ignore

We'll have another chance to experience Pluto's wrath today, September 10, 2022, and this time we'll be crying for attention, ignored by friends and family.


While wearing an invisibility cloak may look good, the truth is that we are simply being ignored, which makes us lonely.

It doesn't matter what "we" believe because we are mere mortals experiencing the quantum power emanating from these massive celestial bodies.

This world is a cruel, blue-green machine that wants to destroy our lives, even if it means only that we are ignored and excluded from everything we want.

During the Moon sextile to Pluto, we cried out for rescue, but no one answered. We have no one to share our great achievements with whom we want to be proud.


You have received a lot of attention in your life, mostly full and uninvited. Even if you're not looking for attention, you'll appreciate it when it comes your way.


Trying to socialize now is a waste of time. You seem to be reaching out to friends who seem to have forgotten who you are now, so it looks like Pluto sextile the Moon has other plans for you.


If your friends aren't always on time for dates, they'll almost always choose you, making you feel left out.


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