3 Zodiac Signs With Rigid Horoscope

Let's say that the horoscopes of the three zodiac signs on September 11, 2022 will show us the worst in terms of anger and cruelty.


The positive is that it's in Pisces, but the negative is that it's a full moon, which usually freaks out in a small setting.

Today we can be a disruptive force in bad deals depending on what zodiac sign we are. Pluto sextile the Moon can make us feel empowered, but how?

No one needs to be friends with Pluto during this phase of the moon, and while we're on the subject of friends, prepare to lose a friend or two now, because those sweaty moods aren't helping anyone.

We can cultivate such unfavorable conditions that those who choose to be with us suffer as a result. Well, that's how you lose friends.


You pride yourself on having a reputation as a peacemaker, so in a way you can get away with doing a lot of damage because no one will point it out to you.


The last thing you should do is ask this friend for guidance; thereby rejecting them - perhaps even permanently. Their assistance constantly threatens your status as a victim.


Even calling them your "romantic" partner seems weird because you both feel like you're fighting right now like you're in a relationship.


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