777 Charlie Box Office Collection (Worldwide)

Starring Rakshit Shetty and Charlie in lead roles, 777 Charlie has slowly and steadily established itself as a major box office hit.

After a slow start, the film grew due to unique word of mouth which led to an increase in the number of films in theaters.

Now that it's been in theaters for over a month, this emotional roller coaster has been in an elite club.

Directed by Kiranraj K, the film is the story of a lonely man named Dharma who is far away and lives a hopeless life.

His life took a 360-degree transformation when a dog named Charlie joined him. The two go on an adventurous journey together.

Many who watched the film praised it for showing pure emotion and chemistry between Rakshit and Charlie.

Speaking of cash withdrawals, the 777 Charlie has crossed the 100 million mark worldwide.

As of last update, the film has earned 99.12 crores gross (84 crores net) in India and 6 crores in the overseas market, taking the total to 105.12 crores.


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