90 Day Fiance: Darcey Silva Flaunts Diamond Look

Darcey Silva immediately became very popular after her performance of 90 Day Fiance. Although his relationship with Jess Meester failed, he received a lot of eyeballs.

In fact, the audience was shocked to realize that he had a twin, Stacey, and they got along well. Well, TLC was excited about it and now they have their reality show.

Because of their excessive personalities, viewers always want to keep their lives.

So Darcey recently used her social networks to see a new transformation! Keep reading to know all the details about him.

There is no doubt that Darcey Silva is a personality of television reality in the true sense of the word.

Ever since she appeared in 90 Day Fiance, a woman has tended to attract everyone's attention only by herself. In fact, her story became even more interesting when others from her family, including her sister Stacey, became part of the show.

Today, all the Silves play in their show 'Darcey & Stacey'. Now that it is in the franchise, it is clear that both are paying well.

Apparently the Connecticut resident has tall silver blond hair with soft curls. While Darcey was wearing a pearl white bikini, she posed for her Instagram Stories.


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