Aaron Paul’s $1.4 Million Idaho Home

Aaron Paul may be starting a new trend in Hollywood by sharing a mention of his Boise, Idaho property on social media.

Celebrities already take PR into their own hands by announcing major events like reunions and pregnancies, so why not do the same in reality?

The former Breaking Bad star has posted a $1,349,500 cinematic view of his hometown as a work of art.

The 2,171-square-foot masterpiece has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, but the "center of the house" is the living room.

on the official list. It's home to an "indoor geothermal/mineral pool" that offers a true spa experience on the grounds designed by Art Troutner.

The 42-year-old star talks emotionally about what it means to sell her hometown in the city. He wrote: “Goodbye beautiful.

It hurts so much to leave this chapter in Idaho, but life is full of chapters and unfortunately this chapter is over.

Paul looks sad to let it go but excited to continue and makes it easy for one of his followers to find details of his broker and marketing team so it's quick.


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