Alchemy of Souls Episode 9 Preview

Alchemy of Souls is the latest fantasy K-drama, revolving around the fate of the "hwanhonsool", which are the souls of the dead back to the land of the living.

The story takes place in Daeho, where Jang Wook becomes part of the noble Jang family. He has been hiding a dark secret and a little trouble since birth.

One day, Jang Wook meets an elite warrior, but his soul is trapped in a vulnerable body. He becomes Jang Wook's servant while teaching him how to fight in private.

Here's everything you need to know about Alchemy of Souls Episode 9, including the release date, time, and where you can watch it.

Alchemy of Souls is available to watch on Netflix worldwide. For Koreans, this is a tvN original and will air on Saturdays and Sundays at 9:10 PM (KST)

Alchemy of Souls will be released on Saturday 16th July around 15:00 GMT. The Netflix subtitle team is extremely fast, so expect English subtitles to be available soon.

Alchemy of Souls is a 20-episode k-drama, with the usual two-episode sequence released per week. Expect the story to have a lot of drama, romance and imaginative moments.

In episode 8 of Alchemy of Souls, Kil-Joo encounters a time when the great battle between Jang-Uk and the Crown Prince continues. In the end, Jang-Uk came out victorious.


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