All About John Cena Could Be Teasing WWE Return Match Against Theory

WWE fans did not see John Cena in a SummerSlam wrestling match in 2021, where he lost to Roman Reigns, but was able to plant the seeds for a comeback match against Theory.

Cena remains busy in Hollywood, but praises his time as a wrestler every hour he gets the chance.

While his return is yet to come, strange things have happened, as Price seems to appear once at a premium live event.

That's enormous pressure on Vince McMahon's protégé on screen, but his run to the United States Championships has so far prevented him from getting involved in various television incidents.

Because of those comparisons, the fight between the two makes sense on paper, and Cena may rely a little on that in recent comments.

In an Instagram post, Theory threw the idea of placing the Prize on this year's SummerSlam and in a recent question and answer session on the WWE TikTok account

When asked who his current WWE superstar is at present, he answered "Theory" before making the "I see-you" gesture.

Another question is who is the current WWE superstar who needs the attitude the most, and Cena says "Theory" again before returning to the I'm-watching-you movement.


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