American Idol: Noah Thompson & HunterGirl Make CMA Fest Debut

Season 20 American Idol winner Noah Thompson and HunterGirl finalist made their solid CMA debut on June 9 in Nashville.

Noah, a 20-year-old construction worker from Louis, Kentucky, and HunterGirl, a 24-year-old music therapist from Winchester, Tennessee.

Noah had no experience with his American Idol audition, while HunterGirl starred in movies for many years.

Both showed tremendous growth in the show as they transformed from talented artists to bright stars.

Noah and HunterGirl are true artists who have stayed true to themselves in the American Idol competition.

With the rest of the Top 7 finalists, they released singles that reached the music charts. Noah's song "One Day Tonight" and HunterGirl's song "Red Bird" sounded after the finale.

HunterGirl wrote her song, which is about the belief that when a red bird flies at someone, it is a beloved person who is visiting from heaven.

Noah and HunterGirl's dreams came true when they got to Hollywood on American Idol. Now they have fulfilled their biggest dream by playing at events like CMA Fest.


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