‘American Idol’ Star Kenedi Anderson Exits Show For ‘Personal Reasons’

After her bizarre appearance in the Top 24 in Christina Perri's episode "Man" on Monday, April 11, she criticized jurors.

"You may have noticed that there was no voice information during the Kenedi show right now," explains Idol's longtime presenter.

"Because we recorded these movies in Hawaii earlier, Kenedi decided to download them from our show for personal reasons."

Ryan added: "We are sending him our best wishes and needless to say, we have incredible talent this historic season and more iconic Idol performances are coming to you today."

Following the news, the 17-year-old girl went to Instagram to further explain her serious departure from the music competition.

While Kenedi's departure was a big disappointment to viewers, American Idol producer Fremantle Media told Us Weekly in a statement

"We are thrilled that this celebration begins its 20th season with incredible talent striving to be the next American Idol."

so he got the coveted platinum ticket - but why did prequel suddenly leave the show for season 20?


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