Angelina Jolie Slams $250 Million Suit Against Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie is suing her ex-husband Brad Pitt for a quarter of a million dollars for trying to take full control of the winery they own.


The actress filed the lawsuit through her company Nouvel, claiming that Pitt used the company as a "personal fiefdom."

The lawsuit also alleges that the actor's drinking problems caused his ex-wife to file for divorce.

After the divorce, Pitt ran the winery without input from Jolie, who focused on running her humanitarian business.

The actor was accused of wasting money on useless projects on French soil.

The couple bought a large property three years after their romantic relationship began and also got married on the property.

The couple became joint owners after Pitt transferred 10% of his 60% to Jolie's 40%.

A judge signed off on Jolie selling her 50% to a third party after unsuccessful negotiations with her ex.

Pitt has previously sued Jolie, accusing her of trying to cheat him out of some winery benefits.


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