Angelina Pivarnick Has Been Open About Plastic Surgery

Angelina Pivarnick never failed to express her views, and her past experience with plastic surgery is no exception.

Angelina expressed her interest in cosmetic work out loud and clear when she spoke to Page Six in December 2020. She then admitted that she preferred technology to practice.

"I don't squat. I haven't done a squat in years like this and I'm not going to do squats," the reality star said at the time. "I chose an easier way out. I'm sorry, I don't care! Like, I can be honest."

Earlier that year, the Jersey Shore star opened up and asked for help. John Tutel for the ass lifting method.

He explained that the operation would help "increase volume" in the hip area.

"I've changed many years to lose weight and I need weights on my ass," he wrote on an Instagram video of the operation in June 2020, saying that Tutela "was at least the most."

The EMT had previously revealed that the reason he was stabbed was his uncertainty in the past. "I'm not sure about my body due to my weight loss during the first two seasons on Jersey Shore," she told Life & Style exclusivity in May 2018.

"I worked hard on my body and realized that my breasts were very weak. I knew I had to do something to change how insecure I was, so I sent a plastic surgeon [to my former Jersey Shore] Nicole [Polizzi], Dr. Tutela. "


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