Animal Kingdom ‘Nicked’ — Plus, Thompson Closes In on Pope

It doesn't matter that Animal Kingdom's Craig and Deran fought each other last week.

When little Nick was abducted Sunday during an increasingly exciting time in Renn's drug-trafficking league, the boy's father ran after his younger brother as fast as he could to the coke line.

Not only did this happen to Craig, he helped his brother kidnap another drug dealer and break into a Nazi drug den.

it took three slugs in a bulletproof vest to get Nick to safety. "It's not over yet," warned the terrified Nazi drug dealer. "Boom," replied Craig with the gun. “I think it is.

Later, Craig and Deran embrace, their new bitterness and fists behind them. And after he put Nick to bed

the child's parents were shaking from the day's events, holding hands like their lives depended on it.

IN ANOTHER DEVELOPMENT… | After Amy Pope returns and asks him to eat, he is in such a good mood that he tells J that he will sign the papers to make the skatepark non-commercial.

Beyond her excitement, however, Pope was nervous and saw the restaurant Amy had chosen to see if it was a good idea to talk to her.


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