Anna And Valentin Go On A Date, Kevin Warns Esme

The General Hospital recap for June 20, 2022 is here. At this moment we see Anna thinking about dating Valentine. She trusts him and spends quality time together.

Suddenly she receives a text message that worries Anna. The text is from Marty, who is talking to his sister Laura. Laura suspects that Victor killed Luke and wants to deport him.

Meanwhile, Felicia Mac talks about her confrontation with Ryan. Esme worries about Ryan and asks Kevin for advice. what else happened This is all about it.

At this stage, Anna Devane thinks about her night with Valentin Cassadin at General Hospital. Is this date correct,

anyone who happened to live in Port Charles after six years? Or is it another kind of movie drive-in adventure? Valentin assures Anna that they are dating and she is nervous.

We know that Felicia Scorpio gave Valentin a lecture on how she always ignored Anna. Now that they were together, he felt nervous about his actions.

Eventually, she admits she has a lot on her plate, and Anna accepts her answer. Then she bowed to a kiss and the couple talked even more.

Valentin goes on to popcorn, but Anna knows she has a text message. She didn't know who was writing to her, but she agreed to walk no matter what.


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