Anne Heche Was Trapped In Burning Wreckage For 45 Minutes

Anne Heche had been trapped in the wreckage for 45 minutes before help arrived.

The Los Angeles Fire Department revealed that the smoke conditions and heavy fire prevented them from reaching the actress quickly.

"Given the heavy fire and smoke conditions, it wasn't that you could clearly see into the vehicle or clearly access it," an NBC News representative said.

A heavy-duty tow truck was used to remove Heche's wrecked vehicle.

Before they could get to Heche's car, firefighters had to "confine and fully extinguish the stubborn flames within the heavily damaged structure."

According to NBC News, "firefighters were doing everything" they could to reach Heche and save her.

On August 14, Heche was removed from life support.

Homer Lafoon, Heche's son, recently filed to be the executor of her estate.

The 20-year-old also requested that the court appoint him guardian of Heche's other son, Atlas Heche Tupper.




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