Anya Taylor-Joy Reportedly Had a Secret Wedding

In the midst of this summer's marathon wedding season, it's always nice to see someone opting for a more casual ceremony.

(see bennifer’s slapdash vegas wedding, or, even higher, mystery courthouse nuptials.) on tuesday, “page six” stated that the queen’s gambit actress

Reviews that queen's gambit actress anya taylor-joy secretly married musician malcolm mcrae in an "intimate courthouse wedding".

It’s unclear exactly while this intimate wedding ceremony passed off, however taylor-pleasure and mcrae reportedly dated for a yr before tying the knot.

Taylor-Joy, who previously called herself a "pretty private person," first discussed their relationship in an April 2021 interview with Elle.

as if referring to McRae, one half of the rock group More, as "my partner". Taylor-Joy later opened up about the relationship to British Vogue.

which describes how the couple goes the distance by appreciating "everyday mundane activities" like "going to the gas station" and reading in silence.

"I finally found someone who was happy to read with me in peace," Taylor-Joy told Vogue.


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