‘BB 24’ spoilers: Pooch may have really screwed the, uh, pooch

Talk about screwing up the dog. The pooch committed a glaring offense when he volunteered to be a pawn on 'Big Brother 24' and gave the house a chance to approach him.

which they definitely intend to take. Jasmine has chosen him and her first target, Taylor, and so far all indications are that Pooch will come to the door on Thursday.

Michael won his second veto in a row on Saturday, coincidentally emerging as the competition beast of the season and likely won't use it at Monday's veto ceremony.

It was discussed about his saving Taylor that Joseph is a renown who is the usual speaker after the veto that goes nowhere.

Joseph and Daniel also want to be a big threat. Little did Pooch know that he had signed his own death warrant by voluntarily becoming a foot soldier.

Weird hilarious move since it's early game and Terrance is also available as a pawn.

Pooch's logic of being a pawn to prevent Taylor from playing veto is also flawed as he could be asked to play veto.

Thursday is still a long way off so Pooch has time to think it over for himself or someone to let him know or plans to change.


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