B&B Spoilers - Does Quinn Try To Get Pregnant To Give Carter A Child ?

The Bold And The Beautiful - Fans wonder if Paris Buckingham (Diamond White) could be pregnant with Carter's child.

Quinn simply got in the way of Carter and Paris's marriage and divorced them. Now that Carter has left Paris, a pregnancy may not be out of the question.

The Bold And The Beautiful's Carter may be put in a position where he must choose between love and family. Carter wants a family and has been talking about babies for a long time.

Now that Carter had found a way to be with the woman he truly loved, he could choose between the two. Paris would never agree to Quinn giving birth to her son.

Quinn and Carter's Bold And The Beautiful can try a few things to have a baby of their own. Quinn is older so adoption is probably the safest way to have a baby.

After all, there are thousands of children in orphanages all over the world. When they see that Quinn has eggs left, they can try surrogacy, but it's usually better for young women.

Quinn was able to have a baby with Carter even with some medical intervention. Will Quinn risk her life to give Carter her own child?

Quinn and Carter enjoyed cuddling each other. However, Quinn and Carter probably need to work faster because the clock is ticking. Is Quinn the woman to give Carter the family he wants?


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