B&B Spoilers - That Steffy was deeply saddened by Finn’s death

Maybe that was the best solution Steffy could come up with, because as long as she didn't see anything with Finn, she'd be less sad.

However, Steffy soon receives shocking news. It was Finn who was actually still alive and Bill called to inform Steffy.

This news makes Steffy feel alive and have more confidence in her life. Steffy will return to Los Angeles soon to see Finn again as soon as possible.

There were earlier rumors that Finn and Steffy would get back together in Monaco. However, according to the current situation, Steffy will return to the US soon.

Maybe Finn can't even solve his own problems, let alone Steffy. Finn is lucky that Li saved him, but he falls under Sheila's control again.

Li didn't expect Sheila to escape from prison and find her place. Unlike Li, Sheila will never find Finn Steffy.

Steffy is more hopeful when she learns that Finn is still alive and that she will save Finn no matter the cost.

Sheila discovers that Finn is alive and volunteers to take care of him. But Finn is disrespected by his mother because Sheila still controls Finn's freedom.


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