Below Deck Sailing Yacht: what is a hurricane Slap Shot?

In the latest episode of Sailing Yacht Under Deck, hired guests participated in a drinking game called Hurricane and fans loved it.

The last guests on the Parsifal III charter were one of the funniest and friendliest groups the crew has ever experienced.

Captain Glen Shepard accused them of being from Canada and joked that he, as a Canadian comrade, was not even interested.

Unfortunately, due to the strong wind, Captain Glenn could not take the guests on a trip, but they were looking for other ways of entertainment.

Captain Glenn had never heard of the term, but chef Marcos Spatiani was experienced with a scientific approach to cooking and up for a challenge.

However, he could not stop working and the chef, of course, served the guests well-prepared meals. When guests ate with molecular gastronomy, they were amazed by the culinary experience of Chef Marcos.

Canadian visitors may have recently introduced a new drinking game to fans sailing below decks. Despite the disappointment of her jump during the charter,

they still find ways to have fun, even splashing water on their faces and slapping.


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