Better Call Saul Final Season After Bob Odenkirk’s Heart Attack

The production of the series has been stopped for some time as the actor recovers and in the final stages of the can and premiere is scheduled for July, we know the series will end.

The co-creator of the series, Peter Gould, revealed that at some point he would consider eliminating the entire sixth season of the series if Odenkirk did not succeed enough to continue or, worse, died.

"There is no contingency plan for your management [around] a heart attack. That's impossible," Gould said at a roundtable with The Hollywood Reporter.

“It reminds you of how busy and important it is to feel happy - and we all feel like life and death working on these films;

I always felt like I was being crushed by a stone - no. It's fun.

When everyone you attack is someone you love, it changes everything. The miracle was that Bob returned after five weeks.

And he's the same guy - maybe a hair more generous .... But what can be done (no backup plan).

Gould revealed that after a heart attack in Odenkirk, they stopped production for a while, including giving everyone access to instructions on how to handle it.


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