Better Call Saul Supports The Best Kim Ending Theory

Has Better Call Saul already demonstrated the best theory that explained Kim Wexler's disappearance during Breaking Bad?

With the death of Nacha Vargy, Jimmy, who hired Francesca as his assistant, and portraits from famous faces like Spooge and Wendy, Better Call Saul Season 6 continues to add elements from the Breaking Bad era.

Unfortunately, Kim Wexler's problem remains unresolved. Kim is Jimmy's wife and Better Call Saul's best friend today, but she is not mentioned in Breaking Bad.

Death awaits every corner of Vince Gilligan's bloody fictional universe, so Kim is far from guaranteed that Better Call Saul will get alive.

Another theory is that Kim broke Bad in a prison cell and took a rap for him and Jimmy's Howard Hamlin scam.

However, according to one of Better Call Saul's best-known theories, Kim found himself in the hot water he hired Ed Galbraith.

The Kim Disappearer Theory makes a big jump in Better Call Saul season 6 "Ax & Grind." In preparation for the final round of their Howard fraud, Jimmy and Kim Dr. Caldera

After getting to know Jimmy well during the Better Call Saul, Caldera showed the lawyer his black book on underworld contacts.


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