‘Big Brother’ 2022 cast

The reveal of the Big Brother 24 cast has finally arrived and 16 new contestants will compete for the top prize.

Here's what you need to know about who will be in the cast of "Big Brother" 2022 and who will host it.

Once again, Julie Chen Moonves will host the show. It has hosted all seasons of "Big Brother" since its debut in 2000.

Alyssa Snider, Age: 24, Hometown / Current City: Sarasota, Florida, Profession: Marketing Representative, Ameerah Jones (pronounced Ah-mirr-ah), Age: 31, Hometown / Current City: Westminster, Maryland.

Brittany Hoopes, Age: 32, Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia, Current Hometown: Austin, Texas, Profession: Hypnotherapist, Daniel Durston, Age: 35, Hometown: Ontario, Canada, Current Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada.

Indy Santos, Age: 31, Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil, Current Hometown: Los Angeles, California Occupation: Corporate Flight Attendant, Jasmine Davis, Age: 29, Hometown: Terry, Mississippi, Current Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia.

Joe "Pooch" Pucciarelli (pronounced Pooch-ah-rel-ee), Age: 24, Hometown: Staten Island, New York, Current Hometown: Boca Raton, Florida, Occupation: Assistant Soccer Manager

Kyle Capener (pronounced Cape-ner), Age: 29, Hometown / Current City: Bontiful, Utah, Occupation: Unemployed.


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