‘Big Brother 24’ Spoilers: Who Was Voted Out Last Night

Well, it's an early start as the first BB24 broadcast was set last night to find out who will be voted off Big Brother tonight.

Or at least we thought there was an eviction, but if not, we already knew someone was at the door.

Paloma is rumored to have left the game and we know all about this week's live episode on CBS.

After Wednesday night's news, we anxiously awaited an update from CBS, which according to Julie Chen's interview with US Weekly was scheduled for Thursday's live episode.

Don't miss this week's layoff period! You can stream it live on CBS' Paramount + Premium in most US markets, so you won't miss out on the fun even if you're not there tonight.

Julie Chen started the show with a sad introduction that tonight's episode will have the motto "expect the unexpected".

He also confirmed that there are no more Houseguests left (wait for confirmation of the obvious here Palomo) and that tonight will bring an unusual change.

So the firing won't happen in the end? That would be a first, wouldn't it? They're busy most of the time no matter what, but after the awful week Taylor was there, they might make an exception.


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