Bills – Lions Live Online - Stats Scores And Highlights - NFL Week 12

Two minute warning and the Lions should have taken that drive. What a great ride from Bill! How many recordings will be played? Also,


Bills missed the FG!! Lose the game one more time. Gola Bills Play short plays and gain 20 yards on first down.

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Allen Diggs again! Besides, they went down first. Plus they got 7 from Diggs. Well, he's still in this game.

In fair play, they barely get yards. Here comes the Bills after the Lions forgot to capitalize on that drive. Throw wildly and not politely!

Another great play by Goff and the Lions offense for a first down 40. Plus a 30 yard first down and that's where it starts!

Less than 50 yards rushing, the Bills get to the 40 and Allen has to get something here. in addition

it goes crazy and the punter is out. Allen had the first loss, but his game was not on the money and

now a bit wild. No raises and we're in third and second place. We have to give Allen a chance.

The Bills went to work in the fourth quarter on third-and-2 with Allen's incredible drive to seal a first down. This is a game that can represent

moment of truth is group! What's more, there are group finishing things done and they go for 2 points!! in addition

they got it!! The Lions came back and were still in the red zone to score. Plus, it brought the run to third-and-goal for a yard

Great play from Goff to Jackson on the first down. It's the end of the third Q and the Lions are in the red zone! First it dropped to 22

and the Lions get one in the game. second and ninth. 40. Goff to Terrence Johnson! But there will be a banner!

With a pass interception and a first down for the Lions. He runs forever!!! 50 bucks! What a game and a nice turnaround by the Lions


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