Black Panther 2: All Namor, Atlantis & Wakanda Reveals

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will likely begin its main marketing push after the release of Thor: Love and Thunder,

but some merchandising leaks offered a first glimpse at certain aspects of the film, from Namor and Atlantis to Wakanda.

It was rumored early in the production of Black Panther 2 that the sequel would introduce the character of Namor into the MCU.

The presence of Namor, in turn, means that the film will also introduce another large fictional city of the Marvel Universe, the underwater city of Atlantis.

Since Wakanda is a fictional country in its own right and the sequel will apparently focus on the country as a whole, it makes sense for Marvel Studios to combine it with Atlantis and Namor in the MCU.

However, it will be interesting to see how Marvel approaches the portrayal of Atlantis, given Aquaman's enormous popularity and similarities to DC ownership.

Early reports indicated that Marvel will distinguish their own version of Atlantis by immersing the city in Central American culture.

All of that appears to have almost been confirmed by the leaked merchandise for the upcoming film, which provided the first glimpses of Namor's design.