Buccaneers Looking Like Their Own Worst Enemy After Loss To Packers

TAMPA -- Everything looked normal again for a brief Sunday afternoon. Tom Brady threw a dart between the two defenders to find Russell Gage behind the end zone for a touchdown. 


This GOAT The largest Buccaneers crowd in Raymond James Stadium history was limited to fouls, penalties and the defense of Green Bay all day. 

But with 18 seconds to go, it had the makings of a classic Brady finish. All it took was a two-point conversion to send the game into overtime. 

Besides, the Bucs couldn't prepare. They took a penalty late in the game and another pass went to Gage incomplete. 

Metaphorically, the series' failure, lack of execution, was the story of an offense that scored just three touchdowns in three games.

this chapter. But that was literally the problem here, in the Bucs losing 14-12 to the Packers, and that was no surprise.

Attacking two main goals, having a third weapon, signing one player on the street earlier last week, pulling him out of the practice squad in the morning and throwing him his second pass of the day in attack

This offense probably won't have the smoothest race in the heat of battle, even though Brady skipped his veteran day to take all the reps in practice this week. 

"We didn't run as well as we could, that pass game wasn't very good," Brady said with a weary smile. 

The photo of the day was of Brady ducking and rolling under a potential sack — not exactly running.

He broke his knee brace when he slid 18 yards in the third round late in the third quarter.

He later said he saw a lot of green grass in front of him, but what he couldn't see was the holding penalty behind it, which completely eliminated the game.

The drive ended in a punt instead of continuing with the Bux near midfield. 


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