Carter Ending Explained

Netflix's Korean action thriller Carter has an ambiguous ending, shrouding the fate of its title character and his family in mystery.

Netflix's Carter ends on a typical cliffhanger that hints at a potential sequel — but one can still imagine what the future holds for the character in the film.

Since Carter takes place in real time throughout, its POV action scenes are all the more tense and disorienting.

While the film's CGI leans more toward Michael Bay's unrealistically bombastic style, Carter captivates with a brilliantly choreographed man-to-man fight.

The story likewise uses a tried-and-true pandemic plot, but instead of concentrating solely on the main character's survival at the end of the world,

The political overtones and relevant themes in Carter revolve around the fallibility of memory and identity.

Right in the midst of a virus outbreak that has already swept throughout North Korea and the United States,

Carter opens with its title character waking up in a blood-soaked bed with a cross-shaped scar on the back of his head.


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