Casualty offers first look at Ollie death aftermath in new trailer

The postponed episode last week (June 18) saw Ollie and his friend Rob being shot at their school.

The couple plans to kill as many students as possible, and then themselves, and while Ollie eventually tries to pull the trigger on her boyfriend and herself.

David realized his son's involvement when he went to the emergency room, and while Ollie was arrested while being transported to the theater, he eventually had a cardiac arrest and died.

A new trailer for the weekend episode shows the devastated David, who suffers from his son's actions with the word "killer" destroying his house.

"The low threats against David probably weren't that low," Charlie Fairhead explained, and we later see the rescue services that came after David's attack.

The new spoilers show that David was the target of the crowd and left with injuries, while Dylan and Jacob tried to treat him for rhesus - even though it looked worse than thought.

The filming episode was originally delayed by a week, with the BBC confirming that the episode was being investigated after the devastating events in Uvalde, Texas.

"Due to recent scary news, we are watching the episode Casualty, which is scheduled to air on June 11 on BBC One," they told Digital Spy.


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