Celtics play their worst basketball with Al Horford on the court

The Boston Celtics have lost since the NBA Finals after the Golden State Warriors won 104:94 in the 5th game. The Dominican center Al Horford had one of its worst performances this season.

Despite nine points and nine rebounds, the Dominican Center had at least +/- from the Celtics with Jaylen Brown with -19. In addition, he added assistance and asserted himself twice.

Puerto Plata's score was caused by three successes in six field attempts and two in three threes.

He also scored one of the two free throws he rejected at the Chase Center. After the game, Horford announced that the challenge had just begun in Game 6.

"We are behind the wall and we have to see what we are doing. The challenge starts at home on Thursday," Horford said after the match.

Mexican Juan Toscano-Anderson played the final 1:19 of the fifth game, where the result was intended in favor of the Warriors. The Oakland resident reported only two personal offenses and did not attempt a shot during his stay on the floor.

The 6th NBA Finals game will be played at TD Garden next Thursday at 9 p.m. ET, and it could be a game for two reasons.

The winner of the 5th NBA Finals, in this case the Warriors, won the championship in 22 of 30 consecutive 2-2 leagues; Another reason is that Golden State still has to lose in a series that tied every two victories because they lost to the Los Angeles Clippers in the first round in 2014.


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