Chantel Everette Stole $257K From Pedro Jimeno’s Account??

Their six-year marriage turned to dust when the couple could not resolve their marriage. Likewise, although the news shocked viewers, many saw it as far away.

Viewers say Chantel deserves nothing but the best. Meanwhile, recent rumors suggest that Chantel could get $257K from Peter.

Believe it or not, The Family Chantels have noticed that former couple, Peter and Chantel, are not getting along well. The couple met when Chantel wanted someone to teach her Spanish.

So Pedro Jimeno became his Spanish teacher. And their relationship grew closer as they spent more time together. However, the only problem in their union is family.

Their families always have something to say about each other, which makes it difficult to connect the stars with reality. But over time everything went smoothly.

Unfortunately, some things don't last forever. An argument broke out between the couple and Peter eventually became angry with Chantel.

In addition, Pedro Jimeno was seen accepting that he has developed a close friendship with his partner Antonella. Everette even blames her ex-husband for being like her father.

On the other hand, fans believe that Jimeno used his ex-wife for a "Green Card". Now Peter has filed for divorce from Chantel.


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