Chris Hemsworth Claims Christian Bale’s Thor 4 Performance

Frontman Thor: Love and Thunder Chris Hemsworth has something to say about the success of his colleague Christian Bale.

In an interview with Disney magazine D23, Hemsworth discussed Bale's "clear" portrait of Gorr the God Butcher and his contrast in tone with other areas of production.

"Some of us will be improvisation, comedy and fun in our world - then he'll run away from filming and we'll all look at each other and say, 'Oh, my God! That's terrible. It's really scary.'"

Hemsworth also noted that although Bale's performance itself had this terrible effect, the Oscar-winning actor's behavior was "completely normal" on the set.

According to Hemsworth, Bale will talk "about what he does on the weekends or how surfing is." Tessa Thompson, who has reprized her role as Valkyrie, has the same admiration for Bale's work in director Taika Waititi.

Speaking further about the world Waititi created, Hemsworth said, "We have to dive deep into Taika's brain and say, 'Come on! How can we surprise, admire and confuse our audience?" He did well and gave all the actors a great game to achieve it.

Hemsworth also mentioned her previous collaboration with Thor: Ragnarok in 2017 and called the experience "North Star" for her approach to Love and Thunder.

"If we don't enjoy it, the fans won't enjoy it either. It's always been a unique, fun, entertaining and exciting set with Taika."


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