Chris Pratt’s Military ‘Thriller’ Is Terminally Bad

Earlier in Prime Video The Terminal List, the character of Chris Pratt from Navy SEAL James Reece was described as a man "built to kick his head."

These words make it easy to describe this series as well - although it may have hit your head a few more times.

A brutally violent and deadly military dramatic thriller with a cut and revenge, The Terminal List as The Fugitive meets the SEAL Team meets the sticker "Don't Trample Me" on the car,

with all the intended delicacies and nuances. It's a sad and hopeless bone in his head ... but at least it's something new to the Amazon algorithm.

but at least it’s something new for the Amazon algorithm to recommend to your dad after he’s done watching Jack Ryan and Reacher.

Pratt's Reece was the commander of the Navy SEAL, whose entire platoon was destroyed in an assault that ended in gunfire in an underground tunnel.

Broken Reece promises to take revenge on an anonymous terrorist leader he trusts - I think his name is "Haqqani"? Depends on?

while the US military is investigating what happened. But Reece's bad memories do not match the evidence, and he begins to suspect that he is driven by a deep-rooted conspiracy, as is well known.


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