Chucky Season 2 Trailer Confirmed

Don mancini introduced that chucky's panel at sdcc 2022 has been canceled, however a brand new trailer for season 2 will be to be had on saturday, july 23rd.

The first trailer for Chucky season 2 will be released this Saturday. Don Mancini's Chucky Syfy/USA Network horror TV show is based on his Child's Play films and takes place after the events.

Brad Dourif returns to voice the titular Good Guy doll as he commits a new murder spree in the quiet town of Hackensack, New Jersey.

Chucky also reintroduces a few legacy characters like andy and tiffany, however the story in large part centers on a brand new group of young adults, performed through zackary arthur, teo briones.

Chucky Season 1 proved to be a hit with both critics and audiences. Its premiere is one of the biggest of 2021, and many have a return to the gritty horror roots of the franchise.

Due to its popularity and success, Chucky was renewed for Season 2 just a month after its debut. As confirmed in the new teaser, the new season starts on October 5th.

Chucky has also been confirmed to host a panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 on July 23rd with some surprise guests.

However, the producer consoled disappointed fans by announcing that a new trailer for Chucky Season 2 will still be released on Saturday.


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