Courteney Cox Teases Gale Weathers’ Scream Franchise Future

Courteney Cox talked about her role in Scream 6 and ridiculed her future in the slasher franchise. Since the original Scream in 1996.

He initially entered the franchise as a secondary antagonist, causing trouble for the last girl, Sidney Prescott, and her friends, while begging for the filth of the juvenile killings that took place in the city.

However, she soon became part of the basic trio, which included David Arquette as Dewey Riley, who eventually married Gale and then divorced.

After Scream 2022 became a blockbuster despite a pandemic of embarrassed audiences in January, Scream 6 quickly gained the green light.

Because Campbell turned down an offer to appear in the film for a fee that did not reflect his franchise, Cox is now the only original cast member to appear in the project.

Here are two key findings from Cox's quote. The first is the consequence that as long as his character remains,

will continue to appear in Scream movies, a prospect that franchise fans will surely enjoy.

Whatever his fate, Cox's enthusiasm for the character is clear and he is certainly nurtured by the dynamic role Weathers has always played in this series.


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