Daily Horoscope:  November 5 - 2022



Time to clear the decks, I think you know. If you have large personal items on hand, you may find yourself in financial trouble. If spending plans are your top priority, it seems frivolity may be a better buy than essentials.

Jan. 21 – Feb. 19 


There are so many thought-provoking patterns on the planet right now, but the dominant feeling is emotional. I hope to see the best of your caring and compassionate sensibility. I fear you may be too willing to turn moles into useless mountains. 

Feb. 20 – Mar 20 


You have a reputation for going your own way. On the one hand, it is the fault of others that they allow themselves to be defeated. Today, however, I can advise you to be more sensitive to the subtle feelings of your partners. The more you satisfy them, the better they will be with you. 

Mar 21 – Apr. 20 


You can be as persuasive as possible. This is actually a social day and you should play on your ability to bring people together. The outlook for the mortgage market is better than average, but as always, your planning must be impeccable.

Apr. 21 – May 21 


The various relations between Mars, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are quite optimistic in their tendency and should suit you on earth. This is a time for doing your favorite activities, exchanging information, taking short trips and generally pursuing your special ambitions. 

May 22 – June 21 


Your particular brand of sensitivity is one we can learn from. Strong emotional connections match your mood and can inspire you to take the lead when it comes to a special relationship. You need all the courage and confidence you can muster.

June 22 – July 23 


Your devoted partners slowly but surely need your loyalty and devotion. The lesson to be learned for now is that the partnership needs work. This simple fact accounts for the fun, joy, and happiness that comes from special associations. 

July 24 – Aug. 23 


Some people hold the key. It doesn't matter if your specialty is work partnerships, romantic relationships, or just friendship in general. All that matters is that you open your heart. When you do this, other people may respond in the way you always expect them to.

Aug. 24 – Sept. 23 


What you can do now is get a stronger line of children. You should also realize that there are many tasks that need to be completed and tasks that need to be completed even if you are in the mood for a day off. The best solution is to return a long-forgotten favor.

Sept. 24 – Oct. 23 


As the Moon moves between challenging and harmonious areas of your chart, the chances of romantic happiness increase. You should take the opportunity to enjoy yourself, regardless of whether your interests are high or low. 

Oct. 24 – Nov. 22 


Domestic and family matters will once again attract your attention. It can be a day when you enjoy your favorite practical tasks or enjoy the company of your favorite relatives. Friendly communication with everyone will be the main theme of the next twenty-four hours. 

Nov. 23 – Dec. 22 


Dec. 23 – Jan. 20 

It is very tempting to talk about things you know nothing about. If you can get away with bluffing, by all means do it. On the other hand, if the facts are important, you can get a second opinion. This is especially true if you are risking your own money.