Daily Horoscope:  September 21 - 2022



Keep your nose out of strangers, no matter how tempting it may be to interfere. There is too much going on in your world to waste your energy on other people's business. Instead, you should focus on creating your own life.

Jan. 21 – Feb. 19 


Your personal and work life seem to be connecting in a way that would be nothing if not perspective. Even those who are not currently gainfully employed can benefit from pursuing worldly interests. The advice of the stars is to plan for the long term.

Feb. 20 – Mar 20 


Right now, you may be wondering if your personal life will ever be the same. The answer is probably 'no'. The reason is that, whatever your first impression, this is a period of long-term development: to welcome the new, you must be ready to say goodbye to the old. 

Mar 21 – Apr. 20 


There is nothing that cannot be said, that cannot be brought to light. In fact, the more you are willing to talk about different truths at home, the more likely you will gain the respect of your peers. Not everyone will be happy, remember, and you may have to apologize - at least once! 

Apr. 21 – May 21 


Astrologically speaking, the Moon is under your control today. In other words, you have a say in what happens at home. You're also responsible for your own feelings, so you can't blame anyone if you're not happy with how things are going.

May 22 – June 21 


Your deepest desire is not only to spend more time at home, but also to hide completely. This is typical behavior, so no one should be surprised, especially you! Tomorrow, however, your confidence will rise – and you'll be back in the driver's seat. 

June 22 – July 23 


The ordinary little complications of life must go on. However, you can benefit from the fact that the position of Venus today is absolutely ideal for your romantic life, regardless of your age, position, experience or passion. Go out there and be your most attractive self.

July 24 – Aug. 23 


One of the biggest problems today is security. However, the stars indicate that emotional happiness and peace of mind are more important considerations, which is why you are seeking a romantic commitment - and trying to be faithful to your loved one.

Aug. 24 – Sept. 23 


The husband may seem angry or short-tempered, perhaps because he didn't get what he wanted. If you are not ready to bring the fight to a successful conclusion, try to be more flexible and flexible on any controversial personal issues. 

Sept. 24 – Oct. 23 


The fact that this is a relatively prosperous phase should insure you against the inevitable small fluctuations in your income and give you the confidence to plan more accurately for the future. A word of caution at this point is not to push yourself to the point of exhaustion.

Oct. 24 – Nov. 22 


There is a reasonable amount of stress in the air today, causing some people who cannot decide what they want to decide, and others are determined in serious contributions. People try to intervene emotional chains: patiently and patiently.

Nov. 23 – Dec. 22 


Dec. 23 – Jan. 20 

You have every reason to strike a militant pose, stand up for yourself and protect your own interests. You may have to do more than one job at a time, expand your talents. Also try to find time to socialize - you don't deserve it.