Daily Horoscope:  September 9 - 2022



Your stars are lucky but wasted. Although many areas in your solar chart present difficulties, others are easier. For example, the part of your chart that symbolizes your work suggests great promise if you let go of some old habits.

January 21 - Fabruary 19


Professional Pisces can only benefit from the interesting movements of the planet today. The chances of matching financial rewards are still good, but for now the measures must be completed. The last thing you want is a bunch of loose ends that cause complications.

February 20 - March 20


Since partners are in a volatile mood and can disrupt even the most perfect meetings, your social stars are very good. Take the initiative and believe that your plans will eventually satisfy everyone - even if they don't meet now.

March 21 - April 20


The moon offers the best truly friendly celestial alignment you'll have all week. The most general advice I can give is to try to look beyond the material pressures of the past week and plan for an ever clearer life. And look to the future with faith.

April 21 - May 21


Venus protects your social life and relationships with partners, which means that you are now ready to take some risks. Your approach should be gentle but firm. There is nothing to be gained from an all-guns invasion, the more worrisome people are in a state of nervousness.

May 22 - June 21


Personal freedom is key, although you must assess whether you can afford to give up some difficult but necessary responsibilities. You may need to stick to basic personal commitments for now, at least until you're sure there's room for change.

June 22 - July 23


As the emotional turmoil subsides, you begin to understand that life needs to be dealt with on a practical basis, doing what needs to be done in a non-conscious and non-judgmental way. No development is required, so don't get drawn into an unnecessary sideline.

July 24 - August 23


Household activities take up your time and family members require your attention. In fact, although there are many important events that seem imminent, if you focus on personal matters, you should avoid emotional upset.

August 24 - September 23


We encourage you to try new solutions to old problems. Taking a closer look at your current stars, I'd say you should focus on the untried and original instead of the old ways of doing things. Go ahead and break any bad habits you know are holding you back. 

September 24 - October 23


It's been a bit of a serious week so far, what with chaotic planetary influences causing some plans to be postponed or changed. However, now that the Moon is moving through the lighter areas of the zodiac, you can take the pressure off. You can let partners take care of the practical details. 

October 24 - November 22


Celestially speaking, the Moon rules. In your private affairs, it means that what you say goes, at least when it comes to domestic matters. Set a generous example and follow through on the promise of an emotional reward if you want others to follow suit.

November 23 - December 23


December 23 - January 20

Make an effort to contact old friends in the next few days. You will be satisfied with the emotional support that such contacts can bring, and you will soon be happier. However, you don't always feel that you are in control of your affairs.