Darth Vader Fanart of Original Design Shows How Marvel Is Wasting Him

Ralph McQuarrie's original art greatly influenced the direction of the franchise on the big screen and has continued to influence it through comics such as The Star Wars.

While McQuarrie's designs differ in some respects from the final product (a more inhuman C-3PO and ethereal, whispering lightsabers), the artist's influence is hard to underestimate.

As Star Wars continues to bring elements of McQuarrie's work into the canon, Darth Vader's new fan art brings back his original concept art,

making the Sith more imposing than ever in an incredible portrait of the character illuminated by his red lightsaber.

The art comes from Sebastian Piriz, the artist behind the We Ride Titans and Black Beacon comic series, stories characterized by their quirky yet vivid technology and ambitious monstrosities.

Piriz is a prolific pop culture fan, often shares her work on social media, and has created a number of Star Wars theoretical situations.

Shared on Twitter, Vader's Piriz art puts the Sith in shadow, while a pointed red saber holds the center of the image.

It's an impressive image, and the thinner, pointed blade is particularly well suited to the Sith, despite being more "solid" than McQuarrie's imagery.


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