Dashcam Review: Found Footage Horror Movie Ruins Interesting Premise

Thanks to the horror classic The Blair Witch Project from 1999, the films found have long been a chapter in the horror genre.

The first aughts saw an onslaught of footage from movies that sought to take advantage of Blair Witch's success.

The 2020 film Host seems to be recreating the genre, making solid horror ideal for the period of the pandemic in which it was shown.

Now the creative team is back behind with another set of pandemic horror movies, but Dashcam can't capture the same charm as he does.

Dashcam introduced protagonist Annie (Annie Hardy) amid a live broadcast for her band BandCar, "The Internet is the # 1 live improvised music show aired from a moving vehicle."

Annie thinks about the state of the world at the beginning of the pandemic and throws out buzzing edgelord-style speeches on government regulations on masks and quarantine locks.

Annie in a MAGA hat, when traveling around the world, finally arrives at the house of her friend Streth (Amer Chadha-Patel).

However, the audience will be left with a confusing mosaic of fear of jumping, remarks about the characters and cunning bloodshed, which will certainly distract, but will not leave much impact beyond its elegant running.


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