David Byrne Net Worth 2022

David Byrne's net worth is $ 70 million. He is part of the legendary band Talking Heads. If you go and ask someone from the music industry.

If you go and meet someone from the film and television industry. They will tell you that he is a filmmaker and a director.

He was one of the gentlemen who emigrated to the United States. When successful, he had assets in both Florida and California.

He lives in his California house with a price tag of $ 10 million. You may not know it, but he is one of those gentlemen with dual citizenship.

His name is David Byrne. The world's best singer and songwriter "David Byrne" has a net worth of $ 70 million.

According to several online sources (Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDB), the most famous singer and songwriter David Byrne has an estimated net worth of almost $ 70 million.

As mentioned, David Byrne has net worth of $ 70 million. Most of the money came from his speaking days.

Within the talking heads. He saw more than $ 18 million in the headline Run of Talking. The Talking Head is a unique band where people can, in addition to working with the band, also devote themselves to their solo work.


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