Derek Jeter reveals why he LOST HIS TRUST in Alex Rodriguez

Baseball legend Derek Jeter reveals how his friendship with fellow shortstop Alex Rodriguez has diminished over the years.

Jeter, 48, who played for the New York Yankees in his 20-year MLB career, talked about various aspects of his life in ESPN's new documentary series 'The Captain.'

The "Hall of Fame" noted how Rodriguez's self-esteem, 46, plummeted after negative statements later in interviews over the years.

Both Jeter and Rodriguez came before the mayors at a young age — Jeter was named in 1995 at the age of 20, while Rodriguez was called up last year when he was just 18 years old.

They were close in their rise through the ranks in the early 1990s, so they often bumped into each other in their apartments. But things have changed since then.

Speaking about 'The Captain,' Jeter responded, "These comments bother me because, like I said, I'm very, very loyal. As a friend I am faithful.

And I just looked like I wouldn't do it. "He continued, 'And then there's the media, the constant hammering of the nail, you know what I mean?'

They just keep hammering away at it. It was noisy which disappointed me. It's always noisy."


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