Devin Haney becomes the undisputed lightweight champion

Devin Haney became the undisputed lightweight champion at the Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, Australia on Sunday afternoon, winning by a unanimous decision over George Kambosos.

Haney (28-0, 15 KO) used his excellent shot to dictate the way to victory with a score of 116-112, 118-110 and 116-112.

Today, the 23-year-old Las Vegas resident has won all four titles under 135 pounds after a dominant performance against ESPN's No. 1 light.

Kambosos, a 28-year-old from Sydney, Australia, could decide to enforce his contract rights in Haney's direct retaliation later this year in Australia.

Round 12: Close the round, kambosos pushes one last time, but it's a formality. Very nice, very good. He won the last round and the fight. Now see if the judges agree. 10-9, Haney. 118-110, Haney.

Round 11: Haney uses a stab to fight tough Cambos, who receive solid blows, but Haney pays him this time if he doesn't hit. 10-9, Haney. 108-101, Haney.

Round 10: George Kambosos continues to press forward in an attempt to land one big shot. He's doing his best work of the fight in the late stages. 10-9, Kambosos. 98-92, Haney.

Round 9: Kambosos eventually wins the round on this card. He prevailed more and was able to succeed with several effective missiles. Haney's right eye is now swollen. Haney lost in a win against Linares and Diaz. Rally Kin Kambosos? 10-9, Kambosos. 89-82, Haney.


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