Dexter: Why Some Fans Consider Season 4 The Series Finale

Dexter can already run eight seasons and have a limited recovery, although many fans believe that season 4 is the real end of the series.

While other TV movies like Game of Thrones and How I Met Your Mother later joined the club at the dubious end of the series, the finale of Season 8 of Dexter.

At the place where Dexter finds Trinity Killer, he meets Arthur under the false name of Kyle Butler.

which - although seemingly unimaginable - brings a much more controversial end than the first.

In Dexter's fourth season, the title chronic executioner takes on his most formidable enemy. Starting with the arrival of FBI Agent Frank Lundy,

Dexter Morgan and Miami Metro PD spent Season 4 searching for Trinity Killer (AKA Arthur Mitchell), who kills cycles north of the age of 30.

Neither the abuse nor the finale of Dexter's Season 5-8 can have the same impact and tension as Dexter and Trinity's argument.

The series would retain a legacy that is unmatched by either below-average finals or character discrepancies, which is why many fans consider "The Getaway" to be the informal end of the series.


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