Did Lucas Kill Abigail? Shocking Confession

The Days of our Lives preview for the upcoming week of July 11 makes a shocking revelation about Luke.

In the next episodes, we will see Sami preparing for her wedding with Luke. However, it seems that Will is about to confess.

Kate brings out the truth in Chad to ask her if the kidnapper also killed Luke Abigail. He is expected to disrupt Samia's marriage and frame Luke for a serious crime.

The Days of Our Lives example shows that Luke and Sami are already getting ready to get married. Despite her history, Sami is confident that her marriage will succeed today.

Furthermore, he believes that it was EJ DiMera who kidnapped him. Now she is only focused on her relationship with Luke and a happy future.

Of course, as EJ suspects, the real culprit is Luke. He loses all reason and is held hostage to break up Sami and EJ.

Not only did he get the job done, but he also healed the guilt on EJ. In addition, Luke is also keeping a big secret.

The terrible secret is that Luke doesn't remember the night Abigail died. The night didn't seem good to him, maybe he was the killer.


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