Does the cat die in Stray?

Stray is a game about an attractive orange cat trying to navigate a world full of robots. This is a perfect concept that BlueTwelve Studio has implemented well.

But of course you may be wondering how far Stray will go to show its protagonist in pain, or if it depicts the death of a cat.

To ease your worries, we're going to answer two different questions: Will Stray's cat die if you fail? And did the cat survive Stray's story?

DOES THE CAT DIE OR GET INJURED IN STRAY?  Yes, the cat can die just like Mario - temporarily, but not canonically.

During the game you have to avoid small hungry creatures that even cling to the cat. If you fail to shake off the enemies and escape, the cat will be overpowered by the animals.

The screen turns red, but you go back to checking if the cat is healthy and it goes back to normal.

Additionally, the cat is injured at some points in the story, which can be hard to see. Know that while you have to deal with the lame for a short time.

WILL THE CAT LOSE AT THE END OF STRAY'S STORY?  The cat does not die at the end of Stray. We can't say what will happen in the end, but the cat endured the meowing


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