Dune 2 Starts Filming Much Sooner Than Expected

Despite a recent release date change, Dune: Part Two will begin filming earlier than expected. Denis Villeneuve returns to direct the second half of Frank Herbert's epic science fiction novel,

for which he received two Academy Award nominations for Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay, although he would have lost both to comedy-drama CODA.

Villeneuve will also write the script for the sequel with previous Dune collaborators Jon Spaihts and Eric Roth.

The sequel is expected to see the return of Zendaya as Chani, who Villeneuve has promised will play a bigger role than the first Dune, Josh Brolin as Gurney, Javier Bardem as Stilgar,

Stellan Skarsgård as the Baron and Dave Bautista as Rabban. With the first Dune proving to be a hit at both the box office and HBO Max, Warner Bros.

Greenlit Dune: Part Two just a few days after the first film was released and as Villeneuve had already started planning the sequel much earlier, it looks like the film will start sooner than expected.

The excitement grew with each new cast member added to the roster, from Elvis star Austin Butler to Black Widow's Florence Pugh to No Time to Die's Léa Seydoux.

With Dune: Part Two starting filming this month, audiences should expect sneak peeks from the sci-fi sequel set in the near future.

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