ESPN’s ‘The Captain’ Tries to Unpack Derek Jeter

Deep into the fifth episode of "The Captain," new ESPN docs admit to the difficulty of taking action against the chosen subject.

Derek Jeter might be the Yankees' star shortstop and iconic player, whose meteoric career rise and fall mirrors his team's own trajectory as a New York sports dynasty.

But he was also, according to himself and many frustrated journalists who couldn't get in his face, a more cautious (read boring) interviewer.

"By design," Jeter confirmed to the camera, cracking a genuine smile in acceptance. He even says that "there are things I still have to say."

here today for a purportedly in-depth documentary about his own life (which premieres July 18 after the Home Run Derby and will run for a total of seven episodes).

That contrast is at the heart of Randy Wilkins' "Captain," which is normally only possible with Jeter's permission.

The image that appeared in the early stages, like any Jeter himself, one of the fully professional hard-working, achieved success.

As a rule, the closest Jeter gets is to revealing something remotely personal and recognizing how biracial Kalamazoo is growing.


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