Every Sign’s SUNDAY Love Horoscope

Time to talk marriage, Aries? You may be willing to let go of your fears that falling in love will hurt you later. Maybe your fantasy of getting married and saying "I do" isn't so far-fetched.




Although you are a headstrong sign, you may be willing to compromise now. Love has a playful effect on you and unexpectedly softens your heart.


Even though you're honest, Gemini, there are times when you hold back your emotions. You are giving yourself permission now to be open and honest with someone important about what you want and what you want them to have.


You're ready for unwavering affection, Cancer, and that could mean it's time to get the pet of your dreams. You are ready to freely give your heart to a wild friend who will adore you in return.


Love doesn't always come in a perfect box. You can ask about a romantic connection. But you can find perfection in imperfection.


Virgo, you have to be careful when deciding whether to stay with someone. Gather all the information. Do they give you the same energy as you give them back?


Things are going as they should, Libra. Why rush love? Take time to enjoy the present.


Someone has to make the first move, Scorpio. You can't be sure of the other person's opinion of you or the state of your relationship. Feel free to ask questions and investigate the situation.


Sagittarius, examine your heart carefully. Although you love your freedom, it is also good to be loved and adored.


Love, Capricorn, requires a little confidence. You can give without fear if you are confident in who you are and have discovered self-love.


Open book, Aquarius. You have high hopes for your future in this relationship. Now is a great place to start a long-term relationship.


This is a wonderful time, Pisces. Your fertility increases at this time. You can succeed and have the child of your dreams. This might be the night to give it a try if you're ready to expand your family.


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