Every Upcoming & In-Development DC Film

Warner Bros. and DC Films have several upcoming DC films in development, including some they plan to release by the end of 2023.

Many upcoming DC and Warner Bros. films will be released in the coming years. has more than one in various stages of development.

Things seemed to be on track for a while, but a series of last-minute cancellations like Batgirl

and controversies surrounding stars like Amber Heard and Ezra Miller once again cast doubt on DC's film future.

That doesn't mean all is quiet for WB studios and DC, though. Despite the setbacks, they still have a full slate of upcoming releases.

Studio head Walter Hamada oversees DC Films alongside Chantal Nong as DC's Vice President of Production, and their mission reaches into every corner of the DC universe on the big screen.

They seem to have their work cut out for them; with the Snyderverse on the shelves, the DCEU will go through a bit of a reset for the next few years,

the DCEU is undergoing a sort of reset in the coming years, with new DC movies emerging alongside existing DCEU properties.


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